Its Sweatshirt Time !

Dec 3, 2013

Yes, unfortunately I referenced the Jersey Shore in this post title please don't think lowly of me 
but that show was entertaining at some points. Don't act like you didn't watch at least one episode
 even though you felt like you lost some brain cells during that hour. 

Enough about me and how I'm over reality television, lets talk about Fashion Sweatshirts. I love 
to dress comfortable and you can't get anymore comfy then in a sweatshirt. I just love that 
designers and retailers are now making them more fun to wear. Have a fancy date? You could 
easily wear the Baily 44 lace sleeve sweatshirt with a body conscious pencil skirt. And Viola !


  1. I love the bailey 44 one! Too cute!!

  2. I really like the sweatshirt trend, too - it is a great way to feel dressed-up, yet comfortable - a perfect mix!

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds


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